Defense of Illinois Murder / Homicide Charges

For obvious reasons a charge of First Degree Murder is the most serious of all crimes in Illinois. The penalty for First Degree Murder is a minimum of 20 years in prison — and that is only if no weapon was used. To compound the seriousness, a person convicted of First Degree Murder must serve 100% of the sentence imposed. The maximum sentence is life in prison.

Aggressive DuPage County Criminal Defense Attorneys

While there is no longer a death penalty in Illinois, at Casey Nelson LLP, our experienced criminal defense lawyers understand that your life is still on the line. If there was ever a time that you need a seasoned, experienced, criminal defense attorney, it would be when facing a charge of Manslaughter, Reckless Homicide, Drug Induced Homicide, Second Degree Murder, Felony Murder, or First Degree Murder.

Attorneys in our firm have tried murder cases both in front of a Judge and Juries. Our attorneys at Casey Nelson are well versed — and have received extensive training — in the critical forensic and expert subjects of DNA, Ballistics, Gun Shot Residue, Finger Print Analysis, Shaken Baby Syndrome, Forensic Psychiatry / Psychology, Cell Phone Tower Positioning, Meta Data Analysis, and more.

When Your Life is On the Line

Murder and homicide charges effectively put your life on the line. If you have been charged, we encourage you to contact our defense attorneys right away because of our deep commitment to — and experience with arguing — the best possible defenses in these cases.

Before the death penalty was abolished in Illinois, criminal defense attorney John P. Casey was a member of the Illinois Capital Litigation Bar. The Capital Litigation Bar was the only area of specialty in Illinois criminal practice that required a specific vetting process and separate certification. Attorneys were required to meet minimum requirements, apply for acceptance to the Capital Litigation Bar, and regularly attend training/continuing legal education. While there is no Capital sentence today, the experience is still invaluable in defending Illinois murder / homicide case.

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