DuPage County Domestic Violence Defense Attorneys

A Different Approach

At Casey Nelson LLP, we offer a different philosophy in defending domestic violence cases. Our criminal defense attorneys, alongside our family law attorneys, understand that cases involving Domestic Battery, Aggravated Domestic Battery, Assault, Unlawful Restraint, or Violation of an Order of Protection, often have a family law, divorce or civil order of protection element. Putting you in the best position is our goal from the get go!

Invaluable Experience

Alongside our years of experience in criminal defense and family law, Casey Nelson LLP has a unique level of experience in DuPage County Domestic Violence cases. Attorney John Casey spent many years in the DuPage County Public Defender's Office. Much of that time was spent as the Supervisor of the Misdemeanor Division. One of the courtrooms he supervised — among many — was the Domestic Violence Court. He was ultimately responsible for thousands of Domestic Batteries, Assaults, Unlawful Restraint, and Violation of an Order of Protection cases that passed through that courtroom.

We Understand Your Position

It is painfully clear to us that in way to many domestic cases, the alleged victim, ironically, is unfairly using the criminal justice system, prosecutors and court to victimize our clients. It is our responsibility to make that clear to the judge or jurors if the prosecution will not.

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